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    Hi, Welcome to the SEED bookstore! All of the manuals and the video are great resources and staff training tools. Click on each book for an in-depth description or just scroll down the page.


    Job Development Boot Camp

    Workshop Manual

    Learning & Teaching Styles: The Art of Individualizing Instruction


    Introduction to Neurolinguistics and

    Multiple Intelligences

    Career Education:

    Vocational Goals, Objectives

    and Activities

    Life Skills Continuum Journal

    Preparation For Employment: Job Seekers Workbook


    Supervising an Employee With A Disability


    Supervising An Employee With a Disability





    This comprehensive 147 page manual will provide the reader with tools and strategies to make great job matches for people with disabilities, and develop lasting partnerships with your customers. Topics include:

    • Assessment tools to help the job developer identify architectural, attitudinal and cultural barriers within companies.
    • Strategies for developing effective Business Advisory Groups.
    • Entrepreneurial, sales, consulting and advocacy strategies to close deals and develop partnerships with employers.
    • Techniques for getting and answering employer concerns. 
    • Pre-sales, sales, and closing techniques.
    • A model for providing effective customer service. 
    • Strategies to identify unmet needs and "work" within businesses. 
    • Strategies to identify and communicate with different buyers.
    • "Immutable Laws of Marketing" for Human Service Agencies, 
    • and much more.


    LEARNING & TEACHING STYLES: The Art of Individualizing Instruction

    This 147 page manual provides all of the information and resources (including self-paced surveys) to develop a "learning styles profile" for any learner.  Topics include:   

    • Determining Individual Learning Styles
    • Theory of Multiple Intelligence.
    • Teaching Strategies for Each Intelligence.
    • Overview of Communication Styles. 
    • Overview of Neurolinguistics.
    • Strategies to Identify Individual Sensory Preferences (Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic).
    • Determining Individual Learning Environments.
    • Determining Individual Training/Teaching Styles.
    • Overview of Instructional Design.
    • Writing Instructional Goals and Objectives.
    • Generalization & Reinforcement Strategies.
    • Incorporating Learning Styles Into the Task Analysis.
    • Evaluating Goals & Objectives. 

    $24.95 order


    A Longitudinal Record of Student Progress

    This useful tool for educators, families, and community-based programs, contains 170 pages of competencies and goals in 9 domains. Specially formatted to keep track of student progress over several years. $34.95 order


    K-12 Career Education Goals, Objectives & Activities
    Teachers Resource & Curriculum Guide for Youth with Special Needs

    This is another great resource tool, based on competencies from the Secretary of Education’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), and student activities derived from the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Neurolinguistics and whole-brain learning. $34.95 order


    VIDEO Applying The Theory of Multiple Intelligence and Neurolinguistics to Job Training and Job Development

    Supported Employment expert Mindy Oppenheim reviews the basics of neurolinguistics and brain-based learning, applying them to innovative job training techniques and job development strategies. A thought-provoking must for the supported employment professional. 19 min VHS Video. $57.00 order




Developed by Mindy Oppenheim, David Wilkin, and Irene M. Ward


A Natural Support for Employers

Supervising an Employee With A DisabilityPerfect for training businesses, agency supervisors and managers that have hired or are considering hiring someone with a disability. It offers a real-life look at issues and solutions in the workplace. Supervisors and employees with disabilities share their knowledge and experiences in orientation, training and ongoing supervision. Men and women with various physical, sensory, hidden and developmental disabilities are portrayed successfully working in manufacturing, office and medical positions. Each training package comes with an additional cassette containing a variety of short training exercises, a trainers guide and 75-pages of printed resources providing a forum for open discussion and interactive learning for training today’s business or agency supervisors.

Full of tips and insights covering:
• Inappropriate Behavior.
• Assistive Technology.
• Adaptive Equipment.
• Attitudes.
• Communication Barriers.
• Job Carving.
• Role of Agency and Job Coach