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Let the SEED provide your job development program with an organizational structure that will:

  • Outlive individual job developers.
  • Provide an organizational structure that new job developers can walk in to and hit the ground running.
  • Create a customer (employers, clients and funders) management database and time tracking system using ACT! 2006. 
  • Develop employer contact templates (i.e., thank you letters, follow-up letters, online letterhead and fax templates)
  • Develop employer focused brochures and web pages.
  • Develop a networking plan based on your current clientele and staff.
  • Make everyone in your agency a job developer.

Does this sound intriguing, read on...

After 20+ years training job developers around the country (and Saipan!) I've made some observations:

  1. When great well connected job developers leave, so do their contacts.  That means new job developers have to start from GO!  New job developers should have easy access to all of the employers and vendors who have hired and/or worked with your agency in the past (the 80/20 rule).  What's missing from most agencies is a contact management system that outlives your job developers.  the SEED can set up a contact management database and communication templates for your agency and train your staff how to use it.
  2. Positioning.  What do employers think of when they think of your program?  What do you want them to think of?  Your brochures, employment services website, business cards, PowerPoint presentation are your opportunity to develop a professional identity within the business community.   Take a look at your employment services brochure, website, cards.  Do they focus on resources and services you have for business or is the focus on your agency and the clientele you serve?  the SEED can work with you to develop employer focused marketing materials that will position you as a viable partner in the business community.
  3. Prospecting.  Which employers are most likely to partner with your agency.  Prospecting, done right will save your job developers mass quantities of time.  Most programs do not operate from a "Hot List"  nor do they have a structure in place to keep the Hot-List hot.
  4. Presentation.  the SEED can work with your staff to design effective employer presentations in a variety of formats.
  5. Overall organization.  Agencies with multiple programs and multiple job developers are out in the community running into each other.  Employers are saying, "hey, you guys were here yesterday."   Programs can get a much bigger bang for their buck if job developers (doesn't matter group of individual or contracts) are coordinated and focused.  the SEED can work with your program to effectively coordinate employer outreach and networking in the community. 

Our goal is to maximize your job development effort and GET EMPLOYERS TO CALL YOU.