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Sales, marketing and Communication

Skills for Job Developers

This workshop provides job developers with the essential core competencies necessary to develop lasting and positive relationships with employers.  Participants leave the workshop with a positive attitude, pro-active strategies and skills for becoming a partner and a consultant to businesses in your community.  The skills and information gained in this workshop is immediately useful and applicable on the job.  By the completion of the workshop, participants have the tools to develop and manage business relationships and implement a comprehensive marketing plan. 


 Day 1:

  • Techniques and tools to turn contacts into relationships and partnerships.

  • Pre-sales, sales, and closing techniques.

  • Skills and techniques of consultants (organizational, management, and training).

  • How to think like an entrepreneur and turn opportunities into jobs.

  • Business communication and rapport building techniques.

  • Identify and communicate with different buyers.

  • How to turn employer concerns into a “closing.”

  • Strategies for creating and facilitating organizational, group and individual change for a disability initiative.

  • How to identify internal and external barriers for people with disabilities.

  • How to identify unmet needs and "work"  by economic change.

  • How to prepare and sell a proposal.

  • How to determine a customer’s sales probability.

  • Strategies for effective Business Advisory Groups.


Day 2: 

Finish up developing proposals and then:



  • Overview of value-led companies, corporate philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and cause-related marketing.

  • Internal and external marketing strategies .

  • The components of a marketing plan.

  • Marketing and “positioning” strategies.

  • The “Immutable Laws of Marketing.”

  • Develop a marketing plan for your agency.