Some nice things people had to say about the Learning & Teaching Styles workshop:


"Hi Mindy, Just want to thank you. I took your class in Oakland last year
and I use what I learned everyday. I have been instrumental in
implementing the use of a learning styles assessment at three of the
schools I work at. Students and parents really appreciate what the kids
are learning about themselves. (It's a great tool for IEP meetings and
career skills development classes.) One of the schools is using it with
all of their high school students and not just the Special Ed population I
work with. Thank you."

Ed Nieves, Transition Specialist

Mendocino Office of Education


In my opinion Mindy's workshops have been the most informative I have ever attended. Not only is the information something you will use over and over again, but her style is unmatched. Mindy gains tremendous rapport with her attendees. I attended her Learning Styles workshop 3 yrs. ago and it was by far and without a doubt the best training workshop I have ever attended. I use the information every day in what I do. If you can go- do!


Julie McLeod,

SETA, Sacramento, CA



Thanks for one of the best, if not the best workshop I have ever been to. I plan on reading ALL the material in your binder and checking on the resources you listed too!


Katharine McGurrin, Transition Partnership Coordinator

Roseville Joint Union High School District



Your conference in Puerto Rico was GREAT!!!!  We made a good decision to have you as a speaker.  Your conference reflects changing in times and commitment. 


Antonio E. Zapata, President

Puerto Rico Rehabilitation Advisory Council


"Mindy, your workshops were great! Learned and laughed lots."

Sheri, South Dakota


"Phenomenal!!! There will never be a better training!"

Conference participant, New Jersey APSE


"We already have some changes 'in the works' as a result of your presentation." Terry, Lubbock, TX


"Oy Vey! She's such a good trainer, and so smart..."

Muriel, Miami Beach (Mindy's Mom)



Thank you for the opportunity to attend the learning styles workshop. I learned so much and have had a fun time putting things into practice as I work one-on-one with the students that I have. We are having a staff meeting today to share what we learned. I have attached some notes of things that impacted me. Thanks again - it was so enjoyable and I find myself thinking often of the concepts that you taught during those 2 days!


Karen Plymell

Torrance Unified School District





Thank you for your great presentation.  You inspired me with the "juice," smile, excitement, enthusiasm and belief in helping people with disabilities to become employed, independent and productive citizens.  I will apply my knowledge in my work as a VR counselor and to my family.


Bernice Ravell, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Saipan, Marianna Islands



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