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The Art of Job Matching and Job Coaching Individuals with Challenges to Employment

(A Train-the-Trainer Workshop)




MATERIALS: Detailed manual provided for each participant

PRESENTER: Mindy Oppenheim

If you are a new or experienced job coach, teacher, trainer or instructor, this experiential workshop will challenge the way you think about intelligence, learning, communication and training. Participants apply state-of-the-art learning and teaching strategies (from the fields of brain-based learning, neurolinguistics (NLP), multiple intelligences, communication and super-learning) to assessment, motivation, behavioral training, teaching strategies and fading.  Participants assess the effect of various teaching styles on individual learning styles.

This workshop is great for training direct care staff and job coaches how to identify and create instructional strategies for each individual on their caseload (i.e., how to assess, teach and fade).  Participants learn their own learning styles and then apply the strategies directly to their clients.  The workshop and training manual is designed for participants to take back to their respective agencies and conduct inservice trainings.  This train-the-trainer approach provides reinforcement and practice for the workshop participants - and hopefully gets the staff excited about the possibilities and potential of their clientele.

For the last 25 years, Mindy's focus has been on employment for people with the most severe disabilities.  She believes wholeheartedly in the potential of people with developmental and other disabilities in the workplace and community.  Her workshops reflect these core values and provide concrete tools that staff implement immediately.  Her experience, humor and enthusiasm make the workshops fun and memorable. (Testimonials)


  • Your learning and communication style!

  • How to identify intelligence and learning styles in your clients/students.

  • How to develop an "sure fit" job and/or task match.

  • How to design individualized training plans based on individual learning styles.

  • Solutions to motivational issues.

  • Techniques for assessing and teaching to individual learning modalities (auditory, visual, kinesthetic).

  • Communication insights & strategies - the art and science of rapport.

  • Getting rapport with your learners, coworkers, etc.

  • Exciting brain-based learning techniques and strategies for all learners.

  • Creative teaching strategies for each learning style.

  • Your teaching style: strengths and challenges.

  • How to incorporate learning styles into a training program and task analysis. 

  • How behaviors are learned and un-learned - techniques and strategies. 

  • How to fade from the job site and promote independent learning.

  • How to use natural cues and natural supports on the job.


FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MY LEARNING STYLES APPROACH PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE: Innovations in Learning and Teaching: Individualizing Instructional Strategies