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  • Participants learn a (proven) 6-step process to sell individual, group and “customized" employment (i.e., job carving) to large and small, public and private employers. You will learn best practices in job development, marketing, sales and communication. Participants develop a customized marketing plan (based on current job seekers and available staff) including low-cost, no-cost strategies to get employers to call you. This experiential and fun course will challenge participants and programs to new levels of organization, professionalism and placement outcomes.

  • I was consulting with a special education department about helping a young man with cerebral palsy obtain employment.  I wanted the school to understand that it is absolutely possible but it would take a villiage.  I set up a tour for the special ed staff to meet Kevin, a young man with similar challenges. Unfortunately all of the special ed staff cancelled.  I decided to dust of an old video camera to capture as much as I could to take back (with permission) to the staff. 

    So here's my very rough amateur video of some of the people involved in helping Kevin get a job as an HR Assistant and those involved in helping Kevin keep his job.

  • If you are a new or experienced job coach, teacher, trainer or instructor, this experiential course will challenge the way you think about intelligence, learning, communication and training. Participants will apply state-of-the-art learning and teaching strategies (from the fields of brain-based learning, Neurolinguistics, multiple intelligences, communication and super-learning) to assessment, motivation, behavioral training, teaching strategies and fading. Participants assess the effect of various teaching styles on individual learning styles.

  • Core values and ethics for working with people with disabilities.

  • This course describes the definition and various types of developmental disabilities including: intellectual disability, five types of autism, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and 10 other neurological impairments.
  • Rachel's Instructional Program

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